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Adventure Arts Academy 

Core Values

Learning that centers on the “whole” child

Physical, musical, emotional, social, educational & spiritual. We plan enriching activities that stimulate, challenge, and give an opportunity for growth in all of these areas in an atmosphere where kindness, respect, and responsibility are the platforms for learning. Children are sponges, and soak up amazing learning of all kinds in the right environment!

Words, actions, and attitudes that bless

Fostering actions and reactions that are kind, patient, non-sarcastic, corrective, and life-giving, thus creating an environment of community, friendship, and trust.

Personal care and responsibility

Children will practice self-care –i.e. washing hands, picking up after themselves, asking for forgiveness when wronging another, sharing, taking turns, etc...

Teachable moments

Life, learning and magic “happen” as you live! Whether it’s showing patience to someone who knocked over your juice, dancing to a Brandenberg Concerto, or sighting a hummingbird busily pollinating a flower, we can’t wait to seize these moments every day!

We understand that your children are your greatest treasure and we value the opportunity to teach and nurture every child in our care. These early years are precious beginnings that lay the foundation for all that they will become. We're convinced that adding a musically engaging element to learning touches areas of the brain as nothing else can!

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