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Weekly Activities

We implement a wonderful balance of planned structure, spontaneous learning, and free play all correlating to creative monthly themes

Weekly Activities 

& Skills Practice

*circle time including calendar and weather

*recognizing & writing their name

*counting to 20 with the eventual goal of 100

*recognizing all upper and lower case letters

*recognizing and saying the phonemic sounds of all letters

*reading short vowel simple words

*counting objects up to 20

*recognizing simples shapes and numbers up to 20

*matching and creating patterns

*retelling simple literature

*using glue and scissors correctly

*keeping the steady beat to different genres of music

*matching pitch while singing.

*simple choreography

*role/character performing


*tracing, coloring, painting, gluing, cutting

*thematic art projects

*plenty of imaginative play including dolls, building, cars, trains, kitchen, dress up, toys, & outdoor play

*animated daily storytime

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