Adventure Arts Academy 

    Childcare, preschool academics, music, drama & movement under one roof 

Weekly Activities

We implement a wonderful balance of structure, spontaneous learning and fun, and free play

*Pre-K math and literary learning


*Music and movement, and instrument play using a variety of genres

                                       from classical to jazz,  dance and evening some tumbling!

*Bible stories and scripture memory.


*Hands-on art projects


*Imaginary play (dolls, toys, superheroes, dress up, etc…)


*Free play involving small motor skills (i.e. building, puzzles, snap cubes, etc…)


*Daily Outdoor play


*Thematic coloring and writing activities using holidays, seasons, the letter of the week, etc.


*Lunch, morning and afternoon snack  & nap/rest time


*Animated Story Time. 


*We love showing off our music, drama and movement  2 times a year for families.


Sampling of Skills your child will be learning.

*recognizing & writing their name

*counting to 100 (first goal 10)

*recognizing all upper and lower case letters *recognizing and saying the phonemic sounds of all letters

*(older preschoolers, reading if ready)

*counting objects up to 20

*recognizing numbers up to 20 and simple shapes

*matching *creating patterns 

*retelling simple literature

*using glue and scissors correctly

*keeping the steady beat to different genres of music

*matching pitch while singing. 

*simple choreography

*role/character performing