Adventure Arts Academy 

    Childcare, preschool academics, music, drama & movement under one roof 

Program Schedule                             913-269-4070

(Subject to change week by week according to weather and needs of the children.  Some days, activities may take a longer duration of time, thus not making room for every activity below to be covered.  Nice weather months will also entail more outdoor play.)

7:30-9:00  Arrival, Breakfast, Manipulative Activities  and FREE PLAY

Early bird kiddos are offered  both breakfast in our bright kitchen and activities that encourage learning including tracing, puzzles, sorting objects and coloring, etc.

At 8:15 we head to our lower level which houses our preschool learning area.   Children enjoy free play which includes puppets, cars, trains, dolls, building, books, puzzles, drawing, playdough, stringing necklaces, and other toys, etc.

9:00-9:30 CIRCLE TIME

Each morning we begin our day with a welcome and hello song, scripture memory of the week and short bible story!  We look at our calendar, the weather, the days of the week, seasons and months.  We explore numbers, shapes, the alphabet and the letter of the week.  Matching beginning letter sounds to coordinating letters, pictures or items while keeping a catchy musical beat  is another excellent circle time activity we include (Hooked on Phonics)

9:30-10:00  Music and Movement:

At Adventure Arts Academy students will practice the following :  Singing acapella to learn matching pitch, learning beloved children's songs,  enjoying free form dance moves, as well as directed movements like marching, swinging, hopping, twisting, twirling, using hula hoops and balls, and more,  exploring instruments while playing to the steady beat of a variety of musical genres!

10:00-10:15 SNACK

Each mid morning, a healthy snack is provided in our bright kitchen  (or outside), typically consisting of fruit/crackers/muffins/ or other options.  Adventure Arts values practicing manners and thanksgiving as we wait until everyone is served and we give thanks to God in prayer for the food.

10:15-10:45    PLAY BREAK OUTSIDE (weather permitting, or game time!)

10:45- 11:45   Table Time/Center Time

Each month our theme will change from everything to "Planting a Garden" and "Safety" to "Pumpkins" and "Winter Animals".  During our center time, children will rotate in pairs or threes between 4 stations including a teacher led art project or table activity reflecting the monthy theme or letters of the month.  Other stations include puzzle and book station,  manipulative station, and free play station.  Each activity will allow for opportunity to develop small motor skills like writing, cutting, painting, molding clay, counting, tracing and/or coloring.  Children will frequently practice recognizing and writing their names, as well as recognizing and writing letters and numbers.

11:45-12:30  Lunch and Outdoor Play

After preparing our naptime cots,  children wash hands and prepare for lunch.  At Adventure Arts Academy we strive to build character in each child through natural teaching moments during our day.  We love to thank God before meals, and also pray for one another. We believe that God created each child uniquely and with purpose and value, and that all our attitudes and actions should reflect love and respect for one another.   Weather permitting, after children finish eating we enjoy some more fresh air!

Animated Story Time 12:40-1:00

Teachers will share beloved literature with animation and expression, sometimes using puppets.  Students will have the opportunity to make predictions about the stories and both ask and answer questions about the story elements.  Students will also re-enact feelings, expressions, or characters from the story.

1:00-3:00  Nap Time

All students will have the opportunity to nap during this time.  No television will be on during this time, and any student unable to fall asleep after 30-45 minutes will be allowed to play quietly.   Most days we will play quiet classical music by composers like Debussey, Mozart or Bach, or modern instrumentalists like George Winston.

3:15-3:30  Afternoon Snack

3:30-5:30   Return to Unfinished Work / One on One Time / Free Play and Dismissal

While this is our "official" pick up time range, parents are welcome to pick up or drop off  a child at any point in the day.   We'll plan to end each day giving the children opportunity to play with their favorite toys, return to a project they were working on, work one on one with a teacher on any particular skill, or on rainy or snowy days, we may watch educational or entertaining videos that support our themes.